Collection: Part 1


Progress Meeting

I'm stuck between Fashion and Textiles, and Fine Art. At this point I'm leaning slightly more towards Fine Art because it's the most broad of all the pathways, and so I'd be able to do a bit of everything within it. However, I really enjoyed fashion illustration which is the main thing making me look at fashion, although I know I could do this within the Fine Art pathway. 

I think the progress meeting will be quite interesting - it'll be good to hear my tutor's opinion on my work, and hopefully the choice between Fashion and Fine Art will be easier. 


12/10 - Graphics Day 3

Today was an opportunity to let out some of the emotion I've been feeling since splitting up with my boyfriend of two years last Sunday; we were asked to come up with contextual typography, where we were to choose a space around the college in which to place words. 

IMG_2405.JPG IMG_2408.JPG IMG_2416.JPG

IMG_2412.JPG IMG_2426.JPG IMG_2413.JPG

IMG_2421.JPG IMG_2415.JPG IMG_2434.JPG

A few of the places around college I thought could have words added to them


After some planning, I decided on my final idea - I found it bitterly funny. 



'LIFE IS SHIT' in a toilet bowl (haha)


Today was fun, but the project didn't take very long to do so there was quite a lot of waiting around, although I suppose this could've been used to plan more or take more photos. I think if I were to do this again I'd do multiple pieces, maybe ones that all connected together and made sense both separately and apart so that they told a/ many story/stories - I feel like it would be quite cool to walk around and see words that you could decide the order of, so they would change to fit your viewpoint. 

My LIFE IS SHIT piece made me laugh though, but in a bitter, sad way given its poignancy at the time (and now). I don't think I'd change it, but my other idea - EVERYTHING ENDS on the end of a bench - would also have been quite amusing. 


10/10 - Graphics Day 2

Today was fun, but not the most enjoyable in my opinion; we were each given a printed letter that we then had to turn into something using screen printing. I've only done screen-printing a handful of times, and as a process I find it fantastic but only when there's time to perfect it. Today was good in the sense that we were able to let our imaginations run completely wild - I came up with loads of ideas of what to turn my letter into before deciding on turning the 'C' into the mouth of an angler fish - but it seemed to be quite a long and tedious process from moving the ideas stage to the making stage (although there were a lot of people in the class and only one screen).


The beginning of turning my 'C' into a fish's mouth



My finished screen print, depicting an angler fish going after some smaller fish


While I like my final outcome for its little story, I don't think screen printing is really for me - it's a lengthier process than something like lino-printing as cutting the paper to create shapes is far more tedious than carving into lino. However, my final print did come out quite well, so I am pleased.

I think if I were to do this again, though, I'd choose lino-printing instead because I feel like more detail can be achieved with less hassle. 


06/10 - Fine Art Day 3

Having already decided on my layout (I chose to put the photos at eye-level to ensure no one could continue to ignore their contents), this morning was devoted to putting them up in the actual room.

IMG_3490.JPG IMG_3491.JPG

Two photos of my exhibition piece, the first with someone else's work beneath it because space was limited


I narrowed my photos down to the 10 best ones, and fixed them at eye-level to the walls. I'm very pleased with how this turned out as it was exactly how I had planned it to be, except for the fact that because of the limited space the surrounding wall was not completely clear. 

The content of the photos becomes more confusing as it moves along, or at least this was what people thought. Some people also said that the black and white made the photos incredibly dramatic, which added to the whole you-can't-tell-what-they-are factor. 

From here, if I were to carry on with this project, I think I’d experiment with making the photographs even bigger, maybe A1, to really make them stand out. If this were the case I’d need a lot more space to work with, as when I presented my work today there was very limited space and so three of us had to share one corner of the room. This didn’t actually matter, as we all made sure to allow each other room, but I think the effect of mine would have been improved if it had just been the photos against a stark white wall.

I've really enjoyed this week as it has allowed me to practise my photography, which is something I really like doing. It was pretty cool to have a final exhibition too, as white apart from letting me showcase my own work it allowed us all to look at each others' thought processes and creations. I think having a week-long project rather than multiple one-day projects, like with the other pathways, was more fun as it allowed me to properly take time to develop and perfect my ideas.



IMG_3439.JPG.3 IMG_3440.JPG


Some more photos, taken today, to add to my collection


To decide what layout to use when displaying my collection, I made a small model room out of foam board and printed off small versions of the photographs. After some deliberation, I narrowed it down to either putting the photos in large at floor-level, so as to draw the eye to larger-than-life versions of what it was trained to ignore, or to place them at eye level, also printed on A3.

IMG_3477.JPG IMG_3478.JPG IMG_3480.JPG

 IMG_3483.JPG IMG_3473.JPG

Model room with various layout experiments






04/10 - Fine Art Day 2

Walking around Archway, there were a lot of things on the floor that had a very distinct 'kick' factor. People were obviously attempting to avoid walking on or near these things, and so I did the opposite and went and took close-ups of them in black and white. I chose to take these photographs through a monochrome filter so as to add an almost desolate sense of abandonment. This added a strange tone to what would otherwise have been rather nasty objects, and I hope will force the viewer to look at them differently (or at all, given that most people were trying their hardest to ignore them). 

IMG_3407.JPG IMG_3410.JPG


IMG_3417.JPG IMG_3418.JPG


A few of the photos I took for my Collections project






03/10 - Fine Art Day 1

 Initially the theme of Collections seemed pretty boring, so until we properly discussed it I wasn’t very interested in the project; I really like fine art – it’s all I’ve really done – but I wasn’t sure how to present my collection later in the week.

After the morning lecture, however, it became a bit easier to envisage my own work because a collection really can be a collection of anything; we looked at some artists’ takes on collections, and then (in groups) had to take stuff out of our bags and organise them to create our own collections. 

I think my collection will be of something a bit uncomfortable, maybe stuff I find on the floor around Archway or something, but either way it'll be a collection of things that probably shouldn't be collected and should be avoided. 







Some poses for fashion illustration


28/09 - Fashion and Textiles Day 3

Fashion illustration is awesome!!!

Today was spent doing a lot of continuous line drawings, which was great for me because they've become my new favourite thing. 

I particularly liked drawing our models, whom we'd dressed up, to music. 


Charlie, drawn to six different styles of music

As well as this I really liked drawing with collage; we were told to draw, and then to drop our drawing materials and continue in collage, and then to switch back again. I think the two pieces of work I produced from this style were by far my favourites so far.



A collage and drawn piece of some of the models. The collaged paper was made by using different media to make patterns from the clothes people had brought in for this use.


The afternoon was then spent combining what we've been doing all week to produce a final outcome. I decided to combine continuous line drawings with projections, and used Clara as my model. 

IMG_2126.JPG.3 FullSizeRender 5.jpg

(Left) Clara posing in various items of clothing to change her silhouette, and (right) a very quick continuous line drawing of Clara's pose 

I chose to draw Clara on blue acetate rather than clear because her top was red, and would be included in the final piece, creating a contrast of colours as the two are opposite each other on the colour wheel.

I then drew around Clara's lips on the blue acetate and cut them out, and modelled wire around her features to make a sort of fashion accessory. 


The wire accessory and blue lips shown placed on a projector and projected onto a wall


I then attached the wire accessory to Clara's face (it gently clipped round and balanced on her nose), and she held the blue lips in her mouth. I projected the acetate drawing of her pose onto her, and then took photos of it from various angles. 


IMG_2159.JPG IMG_2157.JPG

Clara with projections (my final outcome)



Fashion and Textiles Day 2

Download IMG_1998.MOV.1 [34.15MB]








Some work from today


26/09 - Fashion and Textiles Day 2

We were asked to bring in 5 personal objects for today, so I brought in a lighter, some Indian ink, some caffeine pills, a little model llama, and a hoop earring. 

We had to arrange them in various ways, from most to least important etc., and then do quick sketches of them. These sketches were really fun; instead of spending time properly drawing them in detail we had to do quite gestural line drawings of them, or just do mark making to show texture, or draw for a minute and then let our partners take over and then switch back again.

     IMG_1952.JPG IMG_1954.JPG

Charlie drawing our arrangement of objects


I really liked this because, like yesterday, it was a way of drawing I hadn't done before. I think the last two days have made me re-realise just how much I like abstract and conceptual work, as well as gestural drawing and continuous line drawing - there's something very free about it that adds a completely different feel to the final piece than if it was done with absolutely painstaking accuracy. 

We then had to combine our own items with the ones our partners had brought in, and connect them together using string. We then went around the room drawing each others' objects, and then had to isolate interesting shapes from these drawings. 


Our objects strung together and hung from a pole wedged into the window



After lunch, these shapes were than drawn onto acetate and we played around with projecting them onto a white background to experiment with making patterns. This was fun, but I think I preferred drawing and playing with the light on the projector more than the actual project. (I'll have to upload that separately because it won't let me do it here.)

IMG_1993.JPG IMG_1999.JPG.1

Two of my projected patterns 






Some poses from today


25/09 - Fashion and Textiles Day 1

Today was spent at CSM in Granary Square, and really the only way to properly describe it was that it was very CSM (which is a good thing); we had to go off for a couple of hours in the morning and draw interesting man-made shapes we found around the building, stuff like doorframes and the joinings on barriers. It was quite nice to just sit and observe, but apart from it being an opportunity to go off in smaller groups and spend more time with people in my class it was also a chance to properly pay attention and look at things. 

When we all reconvened we had to isolate interesting shapes from the sketches we'd made, and then split off into smaller groups and draw these shapes as simple, massive line drawings across the double pages of four or five sketchbooks. The finished result, because we had to repeat our shapes as many times as we could, was an extremely abstract piece. 

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

From above, our five sketchbook 

Even more abstract, however, was the double page of my sketchbook when it was removed from its place alongside the other books. 


Double page spread of my sketchbook once removed from alongside the others


The afternoon was then spent drawing our shapes onto A1 brown paper and then fixing them to the body, focusing on changing the silhouette of our models (mine was Clara). This was actually really fun, as it forced me to be experimental and imaginative with the shapes - it wasn't as simple as masking-taping them to her, it was more a case of moving the paper around a lot to see where it best changed her outline. 

All of the models then lined up and we drew them, starting by only drawing their outlines and then going back and filling in bits of detail. I loved this because it was a completely different approach to drawing than I'd done before - for A-Level I'd been encouraged to pay close attention to detail and shade and add tone to make my work look exactly like the thing in front of me, but this style encouraged abstraction and continuous line drawings, which I really liked. 

(I have a feeling this week is one I'll really enjoy.)


19/08 - 3DDA - Use It

Today's one day project was Use It, where we had to come up with ideas for chairs. 


We started the day by going off and drawing chairs, or people sitting on chairs, or leaning on, or just generally using chairs. I liked this a lot as it was an opportunity to draw in a rough, sketchy style, without worrying about attention to detail as it was just necessary to document movement. 

From this we went on to begin designing chairs, customising the standard chairs that were in our classroom. I came up with a couple of designs, but my favourite by far was one designed for people with ADHD, as I've worked alongside children with ADHD and fidgeting in a classroom environment is a daily difficulty. My chair had simple arm rests, each with fidget buttons on the ends, and the front legs were surrounded by an elastic cord that would allow the user to kick their feet without it disturbing the people around them. 

I liked today a lot, as it seemed more free than yesterday. Despite this, I think I enjoyed the observational drawing most as it was something I could do comfortably, and seemed to come more naturally than everything else. 



18/08 - 3DDA - Wear It

Today was a day of making, which was fun. 

We were given three criteria that out wearable piece had to fulfil; suspendsupport, and surround. I immediately decided on the idea of a shoe, because it both supported you and surrounded your foot. To make sure it also fulfilled the suspension part of the brief I planned a cut-out dip where there would normally be the most support in a shoe - under the arch of the foot. This would force the wearer to support themselves, making a conscious effort to hold themselves up and not rely on other things for support. 


If I were to have actually made this shoe it would've been made from wood, glass, and metal, but as this was a one day project I made a model of it out of cardboard, masking tape, and string. 


Clara modelling my model shoe 



All in all, today was quite fun but I don't really see myself doing this for the rest of my life. I think wearable stuff is definitely an interesting path, but I found photographing it much more enjoyable. 



14/08 - Ideas Factory Day 3


I added some ideas to my initial brainstorm, and began planning my final idea - cannibalism is all about people eating other people, but people eat animals all the time and on a grander scale people are also animals, so isn't this also a form of cannibalism? 

After brainstorming for a while, I came up with the idea of a slaughterhouse, but instead of having animals hung up, having people hung up in the same way. This brought in the idea of distortion, as it completely changed the perspective of meat-eating. 


It's not very clear, but this is my sketch for my final idea - three people strung upside down like slabs of meat. I chose three people because three is an aesthetically pleasing number of things in a row.

These people would be strung upside down, like animals are in slaughterhouses, and then encased in a large glass box. This would draw the eye to them, but would also give an idea of containment and preservation, like display cases in galleries. 

I imagined my piece to be an installation, so the box and its contents would be huge, with life-size people inside it, and in the middle of an all white room. The sound of white noise would be playing very quietly, just enough to put the audience on edge, and there would be a very faint smell of rotting flesh, to add to the sense of unease. 

The whole point of this piece would be to make people stop and consider their actions, putting the label of cannibalism on their eating habits. It's sort of turned into a pro-vegetarian piece, although that wasn't its initial point. 


The feedback I received for my final piece idea


12/08 - Ideas Factory Day 2

The CSM library today was pretty cool - there are so many resources it was a bit overwhelming, but once we got into it properly there was so much that related to our three words. 

I think cannibalism was my favourite to research; as I said in my research post, it's strange that cannibalism plays such a large role in today's pop culture, given its rather nasty details and hazy past, but the fact remains that society today is somewhat desensitised to cannibalism, thanks to the existence of TV shows like Hannibal and films such as The Silence of the Lambs. Even when was presented with it as a theme my mind immediately jumped to Hannibal Lecter, not to the gory reality of people eating people. I think this was something that I pushed when researching cannibalism - the anthropological idea of it rather than the idea of it portrayed by the media. 

Thursday will be fun to come up with a piece idea connecting cannibalism, glass, and distort. 




11/08 - Ideas Factory Day 1

We were put into groups at the beginning of the day and picked three random words - a material, a process, and a theme. Our words were glass, distort, and cannibalism. Initially, it was a bit difficult to properly generate ideas because cannibalism is such a seemingly dark theme, but after a while brainstorming and properly talking about it we began coming up with ideas that were interesting and could then be linked to our material and process.

I think the process was the most interesting turning point in our ideas generation; distortion of glass was easy to think up, but it's been done so many times, so when we began looking at the distortion of perspective it became much more engaging - cannibals have a distorted perspective that allows them to consume other people without feeling guilty afterwards, something the majority of people would be completely incapable of doing. 

As we'll be at the CSM library tomorrow I hope to look more at cannibalism, possibly reading some anthropological views on it. I'll also try and do some research on distortion, maybe in the sense of perspective - optical illusions/ anatomy of the eye/ etc. 



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